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Bonus: For borrower’s using us as private lenders in Florida.  We own a real estate brokerage in Florida and will list your property in the MLS or represent you as a buyer for 1% (saving you 2% on the resale or purchase).  Yes, that’s 4% you could be saving on a fix/flip!


Loan Details for Borrowers

  • Our interest rates are 9-15% depending on deal specifics
  • Our points are typically around 4%
  • We lend on Non-Owner occupied residential properties
  • 1st Position Loans
  • Funding in 7-14 days after documents/inspections
  • We require the following documents: a purchase contract, contact with seller or seller’s agent, LLC or corporation documents, last two years tax returns, current bank statements and a loan application.  We are asset based lenders that do not worry about your income, credit, bankruptcy or foreclosures (however, we do request to see these items for our underwriting and may require a co-signer depending on exit strategy).
  • Only up front fee paid to us is $50 for Credit Check & tax transcript fee
  • Depending on the property we will require certain inspections and valuations
  • Our lending starts at $50,000
  • We also require a lender’s policy for the face value of the loan.  In addition, we must be named as loss payee on insurance policies.




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